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Uncontained Photography

Photo by the wonderful Christine at Uncontained Photography (Thanks Christine – forever grateful for this priceless treasure!)

I’m a mom of THREE little rascals who are each at different points in their lives and give me the gift to appreciate each stage of childhood as they venture through it.  My family is my everything, but when I first became a stay at home mom I admittedly lost a piece of myself. I had always been either in school either as a student or a teacher so suddenly my addiction to learning seemed to stall with changing diapers, housework and cheering milestones. My desire to learn new skills as well as my frantic need to document my first baby led me to really delve into a previous hobby of photography. Since then I’ve had the joy of meeting hundreds of wonderful families and especially children!

We have recently welcomed our third baby into our home (and she only likes me haha), so I am lightening up my photography load for a little bit. However, I am soon going to be offering rentals so you can still have access to my incredible photography wardrobe! Contact me today to find out more.

Instead of telling you about my life (which is unapologetically mostly my wonderful babies), I’ll show you a piece of it! Go check out my video’s link to see a few pieces of life with The Mercredi’s!